London Property Investment

If you’re a property investor, London property investment opportunities should not be missed. Investors from around the globe continue to invest in London. When it comes to making a lucrative property investment, the London market has a lot to offer as an investment platform. Many major cities have investment properties in London that are known for their high rental yields and capital growth potential,

London investment properties have a consistent track record for high levels of capital growth, with a thriving buy-to-let investment market. Renting has become a lot more popular in the UK, with more people living in rental accommodation than buying their own home. This is partly down to the difficulty many young people now face in purchasing their own property. Many UK millennials are struggling to get onto the property ladder, increasing the demand for high-quality rental properties in London.

For buy to let investors, a high level of demand for property is one of the most crucial elements to ensure a successful venture. The type of investment property that a London property investor is involved with certainly comes with plenty of demand, with high levels of demand in London.   The UK Government is paying attention to this demand for property, with plans to build 300,000 new homes a year.

Off Plan property could rise in value by the time the development is finished and ready for tenancy. This is an important element to consider when selecting your London investment property, as the higher the capital growth, the better returns you can expect when you decide to sell the property.

One of the final things you should think about before selecting an investment property for sale in the UK is whether the property will appeal to your ideal tenant. Establish your ideal target tenant before making your first investment as this is likely to dictate the type of property you buy. If you want to rent your buy to let property to a student, for example, look for areas with high student populations. Some of the biggest student cities include Liverpool and Manchester, which is part of the reason why these Northern cities were considered the best places to invest in property in the UK for 2018. These cities are also amongst some of the best locations for investment properties in the UK if you want to buy residential property and attract young professional tenants.

Consider whether the property you’re investing in will appeal to your target tenant and meet their requirements. If student property investment is an avenue you hope to pursue, spend some time getting into the mindset of student tenants. Today’s UK students now value certain qualities in their accommodation. Instead of settling in the first property they find, whether that be a shared house or cramped university halls, students are now seeking out accommodation that better suits their tastes and lifestyles.