Where to invest in London?

If you’re looking for the best area to invest in London property, consider areas like Ilford, Romford, Barking, Dagenham, Hayes, Harlington, and Thamesmead. This is because these areas currently offer average rental yields of 5 per cent and above, making them a good option to seek out a property to invest in.

Affordability and demand

Although still more expensive than elsewhere in the UK, property prices in these areas tend to be more affordable than in other London Boroughs. Since these areas – like many in London – see high levels of demand, rental costs can remain high, which brings the benefit of more attractive yields when you invest in property. This is the main reason why market research is so vital, especially if you want to find out how to invest in London property and make a healthy profit.

Capital growth

While these areas make a solid choice for property investment in London for 2019, it’s always worth looking ahead. As mentioned above, some areas in London, such as Earls Court and Croydon, are expected to see growth by 2020. This makes them good options if you want to find the best area to invest in London, allowing capital growth to improve along with rental yields.

Buy to let a good idea 2019?

Despite Brexit uncertainty and the unpredictable nature of the London property market, UK buy to let investment remains a good investment for 2019.

Unlike other types of investment, such as stocks and shares, the buy to let market offers long term returns. When you purchase a property in a prime UK location, you can benefit from consistent rental income each month, along with the capital growth.

The potential that lies within the UK buy to let market is what makes it stand out towards foreign investors. Overseas investment has always been popular in London, with the proportion of international investors buying London property at an all-time high. London property news has presented findings showing that international investment across London had grown by 30 per cent year on year. Overseas investors may be tempted by investment opportunities in London due to presumptions that since London is England’s Capital, it’s the most reliable City to get involved with.

To do this, take your estimated monthly rental income and multiply this by 12 for your annual figure. Once you have this figure, divide your annual rent by the property’s purchase price and then multiply this by 100 for your rental yield. Keep this calculation in mind when shopping around for London investments to avoid making the wrong purchase.

London Investment Property Market

The UK property market has long been considered a fantastic investment opportunity. Whether it’s the high rates of overseas investment or booming house price growth, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in UK property.

Boasting the fifth largest economy in the world, the UK is known for its strong economic, cultural, and political influence. Britain was hailed one of the most prosperous economic regions in Europe between the years of 1600 to 1700, going on to dominate both the European and world economy throughout the 19th Century.

Today, the UK remains the economic powerhouse it was all those centuries ago, growing at its fastest rate in two years during the end of 2018. However, recent economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations has led many to question — are investment properties in London a good route to take? And is it worth it to invest in London property? The short answer is yes there are great opportunities but like gold you have to find them – Oxford Acquisitions can help – let’s talk and see how we can help you to make a lifetime income.